Rebecca's iBooks Reading Club

Thank you for your interest in joining Rebecca's reading club, where you can get NEW releases for FREE that aren't available for free anywhere else!

Please note that these are official iBooks copies delivered by Apple iTunes and are only compatible with the iBooks reading app.*

Offer valid to U.S. Residents Only due to restrictions set by Apple.

The books delivered through this program are not PDFs or mobi files. You will only be able to claim your free books if you have the iBooks reading app. These books cannot be read on a Kindle, Nook, or Kobo tablet. These books are not sent as a file attachment to your email. This is to ensure you get the highest quality file delivered straight to the program you will be reading it in.

Unfortunately, at this time, Rebecca's Kindle and Nook reading clubs are full and not accepting new members. The best way to be considered for those programs when they reopen in the future is to show support of her books on those platforms, as we aim to select her most dedicated readers for these programs.

If you are interested in official iBooks copies of Rebecca's books, delivered by Apple iTunes to read in your iBooks reading app, please submit your email below. We will contact you periodically with exclusive opportunities to get new releases for free! To hold you over between releases, we may also offer you additional exclusive Apple Freebies from other authors as we are able to do so.